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For Those Sick & Tired Of Not Getting Anywhere On Guitar…

shamrockHello, my name is Paul and I’ve earned a full time living as a professional guitar teacher in Ireland for the past 20 something years. You can see a pic of me, my house and where I live below! It’s out in the countryside of County Cork.


Why Learn Guitar With Me?

Over the years I’ve taught pretty much every kind of guitar student you can imagine…


… and that insight has been invaluable!


Because it forced me to develop a lots of clever ways to shortcut the entire process of learning guitar for anyone that comes to me.

What I guarantee is you’ll get results FAST because I cut through all the B.S and concentrate on fixing what’s really stopping you from playing guitar well.

Watch A Quick Sample Lesson…

Here’s How The Course Breaks Down

Beginners Level

  • The 10 “super” chords all beginners should focus on perfecting before ever thinking about learning any others. (Don’t waste your time randomly learning chords! Instead I’ll show you how to logically learn chords in a way that’s infinitely more musical and useful.)
  • 1 simple trick to dramatically improve how quickly you can change between all your chords. (You’ll kick yourself when you realize it’s something your fingers were already doing naturally until YOU went and ruined it!)
  • The 3 most powerful strumming patterns you can know. (These are my custom made UNIVERSAL STRUMSthe most useful, potent and powerful strumming patterns you can know… and I reveal all 3 of them in this module on videos #3, #13 and #30.)
  • Why practicing guitar for hours and hours a day is actually the worst thing you can do as a beginner and what to do instead. (This always makes other students sick with envy because they see one person racing ahead even through they’re practicing way less!)
  • The exact way I insist all my students set up their guitar which guarantees they’ll find learning to play 10x easier than other students. (It involves one trip to your local guitar store and 2 simple changes… each one measured in mere millimeters.)
  • How to make every chord you play sound perfect by applying a simple 3 rule checklist. (I’ve not seen any other guitar course teach this but it’s so valuable that I decided to reveal this in the very first lesson before we even “officially” get started!)
  • Why your THUMB is actually the most important “finger” you have when it comes to playing perfect chords. (This minute movement is so tiny that even if you watch a professional player closely you’ll likely miss it yet it makes all the difference when it comes to making your chords ring out true and clean.)
  • The unusual “mental exercise” I use to instantly hear which strum I would use to play any song I hear in mere seconds. (Best of all you too will unconsciously develop this same ability simply by following the lessons as they’re laid out. I explain what’s really going on here in video #33.)
  • A step-by-step plan on how to avoid getting trapped in the ‘junk yard of beginners guitar’ where you reach a certain point but never move forward… perhaps you’re someone already stuck there now? (There’s a very specific way you can smoothly transition out of ‘beginners guitar’ and into ‘improvers guitar’ which I’ll reveal to you here.)
  • and ton’s more besides!

Improver Level

  • The secrets to getting a professional strumming sound. (What I’ll show you here in lesson # is the easiest way to fix a horrible strumming sound so every chord you play sounds full of clarity and musical goodness!)
  • The “stupidly simple” way artists like Bob Dylan, Neil Young, The Eagles and more come up with chord progressions for their songs and how you can do exactly the same. (Once you discover this you’ll probably feel a little let down by them… how they do it is actually very easy!)
  • My custom made “Accent Strum” that fits songs like “Heart Of Gold, “Hey Joe”, “Let It Be” and a thousand others like a glove. (If you only ever learn one strumming pattern after graduating from being a beginner… let it be this one!)
  • Why learning 101 different “guitar scales” is pointless and why it’s far better to focus upon learning the two scales that 99% of the music you hear use instead. (People like Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Jimi Hendrix practically built entire careers from just one scale!)
  • X-Ray Vision – in video #13 I’ll show you the easiest way to understand keys & how all chords fit perfectly together into family’s. (This will make every song you learn much easier to remember!)
  • The one thing you need to buy next time you visit your local guitar store… (It’s the ultimate “short-cut” to easily increase the number of songs you can potentially play from 100s into 1000’s!)
  • How to play the most popular country hits of all time broken down in the space of one single lesson – everything from George Jones & Merle Haggard to Johnny Cash! (This is actually as simple as tying your shoes once you get the hang of what they were ALL DOING.)
  • Tired of playing the same selection of chords and progressions all the time? Lessons will show you not only how to substitute but also mix and match different family’s of chords together to take boring progressions and turn them into something new and fresh. (We use a classic song Beatles song “Something In The Way” to beautifully demonstrate this principal.)
  • How to combine accents, definition and shuffle feels to create the most gorgeous sounding, infectious pop strums you’ll ever hear. (Why stick to always learning “other peoples strums” when it’s so easy to make up your own that even better! I’ll show you how.)
  • Plus so much more…

Intermediate Level

  • Barre Chords In 10 Simple Steps – I used to sell this “10 Step System” on it’s own for $37 but today you’ll get it for free! Inside I’ll show you my system for making these chords as easy as possible to master so you’ll save yourself months (and sometimes even years) of frustration.
  • Fingerstyle Guitar – This is probably the “purest” and most authentic style of acoustic guitar there is. It’s all about fingers, wood and earthy goodness. I’ll show you how to get started with the best patterns and the exact way you should practice so that everything becomes automatic and second nature.
  • Blues Guitar – We’ll cover typical shuffle patterns, turnarounds, classic licks and more! When you put it altogether you’ll be playing authentic 12 bar blues with the best of them! (Every one of these sub-modules comes with it’s own course book too.)
  • Spanish Guitar – You’ll love just how easy I make learning this beautiful style of guitar. We’ll cover chord progressions, techniques, scales and some fantastic pieces you can play. Within a few minutes of the very first lesson you’ll already be producing a authentic Spanish guitar sound.
  • Country Guitar – Learn the most popular country chords and strums that will literally open the door to playing a million and one classic country hits. (If you like George Jones, Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard and Co then you’ll going to love this section. No one breaks down how to play different styles of guitar as easily as this!)
  • Classical Guitar – Most people believe that classical guitar is super hard and takes years of dedicated practice. I’m going to prove to you that this just isn’t so and give you easy pieces any one can play with a little practice. (The truth is that more different different styles of guitar you learn to play the better a guitar player you’ll end up being!)
  • Arpeggio Picking – This is an essential style of guitar for playing ballads and I’ll show you how to do it the right way. We’ll cover patterns and practice routines so that your mind will absorb it so deeply that you won’t even have to think about it.

Practice Software Included!

The most powerful part of this course isn’t actually the lessons… it’s the custom built Practice Software that comes with it!

Since I couldn’t find what I knew my students needed to make super-quick progress on guitar I designed this software and paid a programmer to build it for me. Well you know what they say…

“If you want something done, do it yourself!”

practice software

For every video lesson there’s a corresponding file you can quickly upload into the Practice Software so you’re always playing along to the exact same thing as me in the lessons!

You can play along to the exercises and drill each lesson to absolute perfection. If the speed is too fast, no problem… you can drag a simple slider to slow it down!

This feature works like a charm for anyone who’s been playing for a while but still struggling to ‘put it altogether’.

More Songs Than You Can Shake A Stick At

I’ve thrown in a lot of very famous songs for you to play along with and naturally each one comes with it’s own backing track so you can speed it up or slow it down in the Practice Software.

More importantly however, I show you how to take what you’ve learned and teach yourself whatever song you’d like to learn in the future so you’ll never be reliant on “guitar lessons” ever again!

Tracks like…

  • Fire and Rain – James Taylor
  • Tequila Sunrise – The Eagles
  • Blue Eyes Cryin’ In The Rain – Willie Nelson
  • Heart Of Gold – Neil Young
  • Learning To Fly – Tom Petty
  • Your Song – Elton John
  • Have You Ever Seen The Rain – CCR
  • Stand By Me – Ben E. King
  • Hotel California – The Eagles
  • Let It Be – The Beatles
  • Take It Easy – Jackson Browne
  • Brown Eyed Girl – Van Morrison
  • Folsom Prison Blues – Johnny Cash
  • Losing My Religion – REM
  • Lyin’ Eyes – The Eagles
  • When A Man Loves A Woman – Percy Sledge
  • First Cut Is The Deepest – Sheryl Crow/Cat Stevens
  • With A Little Help From My Friends – The Beatles
  • Mr Jones – Counting Crows
  • Hey Joe – Jimi Hendrix
  • Father and Son – Cat Stevens
  • and more!

Includes 4 Free Bonus Products

1. MP3 Backing Tracks

Playing & practicing with backing tracks has always been a big part of my teaching. It’s simply one of the most enjoyable ways to learn guitar and… it really helps you to connect all the dots together.

  • Makes practicing guitar feel FUN and something you’ll actually look forward to at the end of each day! (Studies prove that people who enjoy what they do are much more likely to succeed at it.)
  • Helps you to “connect all the dots together” because you’re applying what you’ve learned to real musical situations. (It’s as close to playing in a real band as you can get on your own.)
  • Choose from 18 different tempos so no matter where you are on guitar you’ll find one a place that’s “just right”. (This is also very important for another specific reason called “pressure points” which I’ll explain inside the members area.)

2. Ten Course Books

course-book-128The video lessons are all accompanied by a complete series of course books you can download and print out.

  1. Course Book 1 (Beginner Module)
  2. Course Book 2 (Improver Module)
  3. Course Book 3 (Intermediate Module)
  4. Barre Chords In 10 Simple Steps
  5. Barre Chords Practice Routine Book
  6. Introduction to Fingerstyle
  7. Introduction to Country Guitar
  8. Introduction to Spanish Guitar
  9. Introduction to Classical Guitar
  10. Introduction to Blues Guitar

Once you’ve been through the course they’ll act as useful reference guides in the future.

3. My Tips, Tricks, Secrets & Shortcuts

I filmed this series of 28 videos to answer many of the most common questions and problems people have with guitar, inside I cover things like…

  • How one silly strum will instantly open the door to a million-and-one hit records. (Hint: The older you are the more valuable this will be to you!)
  • The simple system songwriters use to group great sounding chords together time after time. (Understand this and you’ll be writing your own in less than an hour)
  • How I get complete beginners mastering barre chords in just 10 simple steps! (There’s a specific type of guitar you need and an unusual practice routine which I’ll reveal)
  • Why most people completely suck at practicing so much so that it virtually guarantees they’ll NEVER succeed on guitar. (And it has nothing to do with practicing every day or playing slowly!)
  • Why learning your favorite songs too soon is often the fastest way to “shoot yourself in the foot” and what to do instead. (Follow this advice and you’ll avoid 90% of the normal frustration most other people suffer with)
  • How I’m able to rapidly learn new styles of guitar in record time and effectively teach myself how to play whatever I want. (This took me years to figure out but you get the blueprint handed to you on a silver platter)
  • plus loads more! That’s an extra 28 videos.

4. Easy Guide To Music Theory

46-extrasWatch over my shoulder (literally) as I break down the ‘black hole’ of music theory for guitar in a way you’ve probably never seen it explained before. (I do all this on a white board)

Not only will this information empower you but it’ll make you a much better guitar player too!

  • Relax and enjoy as I completely break down for you how music works in a way which is so easy to understand you’ll wonder why everyone doesn’t teach it this way! (I actually got an F in music at school because my teacher just couldn’t well… teach!)
  • The easiest way to understand “Keys” and how chords & scales fit together. (Understanding this will open the door to songwriting for you!)
  • How to name any chord or find any chord on the fretboard. (For example, if you saw Cmaj7#11 or an Abm7 on a song sheet would you know what to play? Now you will!)
  • Peak under the hood and see how chords are actually constructed from mathematics. (Chords are built just like stacking bricks one on top of the other… fascinating stuff especially because I make it damn easy to understand.)
  • How to write your own chord progressions that fit perfectly together time after time. (I give you a fool-proof system so it’s impossible to make a wrong choice.)
  • Understand how songs get written, what the songwriters are thinking and how they actually come up with all this stuff. (You may even discover you have a hidden talent for doing it too!)
  • Plus much, much more

And One Last Bonus

The “Guitar in a Nutshell” DVD is a product I sell every day for $24.95

I’m going to include it today for free – however this is only available for the next 25 new members because this is something I DO SELL ON ITS OWN so it’d be silly to have this as a bonus that’s here forever.

If you’re seeing this message it means YOU ARE inside the next 25 new members and you’ll be able to grab this in the members are when you login. (I’ve created a special page on the site where you can watch it online).

But fair warning… this may not be here tomorrow.

BIG Results Within 30 Days Or Your Money Back

homeguarantransHere’s how it works.

  1. Take 30 days to watch all the videos at your leisure, print out the course books and use the software.
  2. If you don’t make more progress on guitar than you ever have before simply email me here and I’ll quickly and quietly return every penny.

Believe me, I’d rather have 1 less customer than an unhappy one so getting a refund from me is always dead easy.

Secure Order Form

Current price is just $49.95 for 3 months unlimited access.

  • 200+ video lessons (this is a JUMBO guitar course!)
  • “Practice Perfect” software
  • 10 course books
  • Quick start DVD
  • Backing Tracks
  • Covers Blues, Fingerstyle, Spanish and more!
  • Personal mentoring from Paul
  • Fully iPad/iPhone compatible
  • “Super Fast Results” Guarantee – Set up the ULTIMATE foundation on guitar!
  • Iron Clad 30 day Money Back Guarantee

Remember, you can cancel at any time for any reason with just one email to me!

Try it out completely risk free for the next 30 days and only then decide if you want to keep it. My hunch is you’ll probably make more progress in the next month that you have in the last year!


Order with confidence on 100% secure servers

Hundreds Of Real Testimonials

pull-quote-darkWow… now I KNOW WHAT ALL THE SHOUTING IS ABOUT! Been doing your lessons a week and have progressed more than I could have imagined…

But, to quote John Lennon, “I’ve got blisters on my fingers!” Thank you, thank you…..

Best, Jacqueline

pull-quote-darkI am blown away with all you provide for less than one month with a guitar teacher…

I have been clicking around and familiarizing myself more with your site. I have to tell you that your site is nothing short of a TRUCK LOAD of information. Comparing it to what I paid for one-on-one professional guitar lessons, I am blown away with all you provide for less than one month with a guitar teacher.

Your video instruction is VERY straight forward and easy to understand, probably the best I have seen anywhere at any price. I have already recommended your site to 3 friends.

Barry Hill

pull-quote-darkFirst I would like to say that joining your website is one of the best decisions I have made regarding my progress on the guitar…

Your lessons are clear, concise, and easy to learn with repetitive practice. I would recommend your website to anyone that wants to learn in the right way at a very reasonable cost and investment. At the same time, there is a huge amount of available material to cover and absorb to the degree that one wants to pursue it. Bottom line, it is a great deal!

Randy Wylie

pull-quote-darkNo doubt in my mind you have the best guitar teaching site on the internet and I have searched quite a lot…

I finally joined you site a couple weeks ago and I am greatly surprised and pleased. Amazed about what all you cover in you site. Fantastic method of instruction, clear, in depth, and and easy to understand. No doubt in my mind you have the best guitar teaching site on the internet and I have searched quite a lot.Thanks Again…..

Ronnie Cotton

pull-quote-darkI thank you for the best guitar course on earth

I would like to tell you that I have struggled for 2 years trying to learn the guitar. I did as you suggested and started at the beginning of your lessons and that course is beyond good. I now can see what I was doing wrong and am so excited about practicing now. From the bottom of my heart I thank you for the best guitar course on earth.

Take care; Lou

pull-quote-darkBest teaching I have ever seen, and WELL WORTH the price

Havent held a guitar in 20 years. After a couple days with this Guitar-In-A-Nutshell software I was smiling again. Best teaching I have ever seen, and WELL WORTH the price. Thank You and will be recomending it to friends across the U.S.A.

Nick, AR

pull-quote-darkI just know that my playing skills/ability will skyrocket as I follow your course!!!

I think your course/songs/videos/materials are excellent! I also think your teaching style is great…calm, great tone/modulation, easy to understand. I really am very happy, and excited that I joined as a Gold/lifetime member!! I just know that my playing skills/ability will skyrocket as I follow your course!!!


pull-quote-darkYour material is really first rate

Your material is really first rate and in the brief time I have been using it I have made more progress than with any other teaching materials I have tried. Keep up the good work.


pull-quote-darkMy guitar playing has improved rapidly… I haven’t seen a better course than this one

At the age of 51 I picked up a guitar for the first time last year. And after trying a number of different websites and instructional videos and books I came across Guitar in a Nutshell. Since then my guitar playing has improved rapidly. But perhaps more importantly I am enjoying the course. I haven’t seen a better course than this one anyway!


pull-quote-darkHave made more progress in 2 weeks than the last 2 months

Firstly, thanks for your site and tuition. It is awesome. Great site and clear instruction. Since finding you I am a born again beginner and have made progress in 2 weeks than the last 2 months. I cant stop practicing. Thanks again.

pull-quote-darkI have made more progress in a week than the last 10 years

Hello, First, I would like to thank you for the lessons. I am truly impressed with your techniques, and amazed by my ability to actually follow them and learn how to play! I have been struggling to get going for years now, and I have made more progress in a week than the last 10 years. I really appreciate it.


pull-quote-darkYour technic is amazing, and the member purchase is worth every cent

I have just completed the beginner, improver and intermediate level on your website, and I am so extremely impressed. Even thought I am going to practise everything a little bit more, have I learned so much. Your technic is amazing, and the member purchase is every cent worth. I just can´t wait to get started on the songs on your website.

Thanks a lot, Jon from Faroe Islands

pull-quote-darkI have learnt more in the last month than i did in the previous year

I have learnt more in the last month than i did in the previous year and even more importantly really enjoying playing guitar again you have a fantastic way of teaching and a great website thank you again.

pull-quote-darkThis by far has been the MOST helpful and soooo easy to follow

I just want to stop by and tell you what a wonderful and very helpful site this is. I have wandered all over different sites while working on my craft. This by far has been the MOST helpful and soooo easy to follow. Kudos to you guys!


pull-quote-darkI’m finally getting somewhere, meredith72

I have attempted to play guitar several times now, but never got very far. Even with real lessons, it just didn’t click. I now have a chronic illness that keeps me at home for the most part, and with only very small amounts of energy. I picked the guitar up again recently because it is something I have always wanted to do, and thought it would be a great “pick-me-up” for my spirit, considering my situation. I can’t get out for lessons, so I first picked up a couple of books with videos inside, and I wasn’t making much progress. Then

I came across Guitar in a Nutshell online and signed up for the free emails that you get upfront. I found it very easy to learn from them, and decided to pay for the membership. Well worth it, and at a very reasonable price! I have gotten much farther than I ever have before with my playing, and that’s with only having the energy to play for 15-20 min! I now say

I’d prefer this method over live lessons.

The site has a little bit of everything- video instruction (that goes nice and slow), strumming instruction (first time I’ve ever had that explained), drum beats, lots of songs to choose from at all levels, extras like music theory, specialty styles, etc. I have loved it, and after only a month or two, I can finally say I’m able to sit down and play a song without having to look at my fingers while I play. I’m thrilled! Thank you, Guitar in a Nutshell!

pull-quote-darkBest Beginner Lessons (believe me I’ve tried many), eelm (Ontario, Canada)

Everyone picks up a guitar hoping to play songs and this method will get you there quickly and is still detailed enough for the absolute beginner. It jumps straight in to teach you the main chords used in most popular music and even does a good job addressing strumming, something painfully under addressed in other methods and YouTube lessons. I think the price is more than fair for the knowledge you’ll obtain, especially with the accompanying video lessons, etc.

A frustrated adult learner I’d tried several books/methods and even a couple teachers before I came across Guitar in a Nutshell. Nothing has worked as well. Everything else was geared toward kids, tedious single note classical style playing, heavy theory or just plain left out too much information to be usable for an absolute beginner. Guitar in a Nutshell gets straight to the point and teaches you what you really need fast so you don’t give up before you get anywhere. There is plenty of time for music theory and single notes later, this gets you playing first so you don’t get bored and frustered and give up.

The only thing lacking (and only needed to an absolute beginner) is that one page the rest of the books have at the beginning on how to read a chord diagram. It will all make sense even without it as soon as you watch the accompanying lesson one video at […] or use this link if you want a printed page […]

I highly recommend this to anyone new to guitar or anyone who’s thinking about just giving it one more shot. It doesn’t have to be difficult. Follow the steps in this book, put in even just 15 minutes at day (note: practicing a few minutes a day will get you much farther than practicing for longer times only 1-2 days per week), and you will be strumming along with your friends or the radio sooner than you think.

pull-quote-dark Exactly what I wanted, Randy Fairchild

I wanted to learn the guitar to play songs and lullabies for my new baby. After ordering a few books and looking at some lessons online, I came across Paul’s lessons. Guitar-in-a-nutshell is the perfect guide for someone with little or no ability who wants to pick up the guitar and learn to play music quickly. This doesn’t mean that you won’t have to practice, but the book does follow a direct, easy-to-understand method that is perfect for the casual player who wants to learn the necessary techniques so she can actually sit down and play music after a few short lessons. Most of all, his guide is fun. I actually enjoy the lessons as much as learning new songs. Seriously, if you’re a busy person who wants to pick up the guitar as a hobbyist or beginner looking for that first big push to get you going, check this out.

pull-quote-dark You won’t be disappointed, T. Swearingen (Chicago IL)

I, like alot of other beginners/intermediate guitarists, had been trying to find the right tutorials via the internet, books, even took a couple of lessons (disaster) “so what do you want to do?”…umm “I thought you were supposed to tell me that?” etc. Anyway, after much trial and error I found guitar-in-a-nutshell and instantly knew it was different than the rest. Paul explains things in an easy to understand fashion that doesn’t leave you feeling like you are illiterate. However, this program also covers alot of material for those who have moved a little past open chords and basic songs. I am still very much learning from this program and would highly recommend it. Thanks Paul!

pull-quote-darkDoes exactly what it says on the tin!, I.B.

At last! A foolproof system for a beginner guitar player to improve their playing quickly and efficiently. No special skills required….just follow the instructions and practise a little each day and guitar in a nutshell will soon have you exceeding your own expectations. There’s some additional material on you tube as well. Check it out

pull-quote-darkNothing nutty about Guitar in a nutshell, John Dornellas, Fayetteville NC

If you are like me, and find the standard way of learning to play guitar rather tedious, and well, boring, then you have not met Paul yet. I took lessons when I was much younger, and it only lasted about a year. Back then I have to say, it was a bit of a pain. One lesson per week, I had to carry my guitar to the music store where the lessons were given, and the lessons became very mundane and boring. I was learning what we all want to learn….TO PLAY SONGS. At $15.00 a lesson (hey, that was a lot of money for a kid to earn back then) I just wasn’t getting what I wanted out the lessons, so I gave up. I would pick the guitar up from time to time, and I tried several other “Learn to play guitar” programs and discs….nothing had changed though, it was all still blah blah blah to me. Until I came across Guitar in a Nutshell, and Paul. I watched his first few video lessons and all I can say is ….WOW!!! Paul explains step by step what string, fret, and notes to play and how to form chords, and as I learned, there is more than one way to play a chord. I went on to purchase his video lessons, and then his song books, and I recently purchased his Blues, and fingerstyle video lessons. I am here to tell you, I am having more fun playing my guitar now than I have ever had. I have even begun creating my own songs. At my age, I may not make it to American Idol…lol, but I am totally enjoying my guitar now. Guitar in a nutshell is the easiest way to learn and have fun playing guitar.
Paul, if you’re reading this…I again, thank you for an awesome program. Please do not stop, and let’s all “Rock On”.

pull-quote-darkVery easy to follow, Hanwood

I’ve never reviewed anything before on Amazon but this has moved to do so. I took up acoustic guitar in my mid 40′s as something of a mid life crisis. I have been playing for 3 years now. I have fiddled around with many online teaching methods but stumbled across guitar-in-a-nutshell and everything clicked. Very easy to follow, bite sized chunks and I can now hold my own amongst other musicians down the pub! Very much recommended.

pull-quote-darkGreat way to Start, William J. Bufe (Lake Worth, FL USA)

I stumbled upon Paul through Ultimate Guitar, I think. He was giving a video lesson on Hotel California. It was so easy to follow, I signed up for his book. Using a wine analogy, the value to price ratio is outstanding! I’ve now signed up for three of Paul’s courses. All are great teaching tools and excellent values. I’ve also suggested the courses to more accomplished guitar players, and the feedback was excellent. I’m a 50+ year old accountant with no musical training or musical aptitude. This book worked for me. It could work for you (but you have to practice!).

pull-quote-darkWas happy I found it., Alfredo Anglero “Freddy” (Bronx, New York United States)

Back in 2005 I bought a guitar and tried to teach myself how to play it. I had no hope after a few months and gave it away to a friend. I was looking around for something to do and bumped into Guitar-in-a-nutshell. I knew I would be able to learn to play Guitar with Guitar-in-a-nutshell. so in May of 2010 I purchased another guitar and have been playing just about everyday since then. Thru Guitar-in-a-nutshell I have learned and I’m still learning, strumming patterns, Basic Chords and the different ways you can play them and my Guitar skills have gone thru the roof. I continue to learn a new song every couple of days. I am so happy I found Guitar-in-a-nutshell. Learning to play an instrument is such a beautiful thing and having a good tutor makes it much more enjoyable. I practice every day and push myself to learn more and more. Thank you Guitar-in-a-nutshell for coming along at the right time.

Happy customer,
Freddy Anglero

pull-quote-darkGreat course for beginners, BeeKay (US)

I looked over a lot of beginner guitar courses and even tried a few before finding this gem. This program is by far the best of its type that I could find. When I started this course, I was in what I’d call a beginner’s rut. I could play most of the open chords, knew many scales but that was about it. I wasn’t learning any songs and honestly, guitar was starting to become “not fun”. That all changed when I went through this course. In addition to the great teaching techniques already described that will take you from beginner through advanced beginner/intermediate, you will learn a lot of songs along the way. This course will put the fun back into learning and help you improve key skills. Now when friends or relatives ask me to play something for them, I can do so.

pull-quote-darkBrilliant instructor., Andrew

Paul Perry provides, in my opinion, the best instructional guidance out there. If you’re wanting to learn from home, you can’t go wrong with this. I have tried several books and videos out there, such as learning guitar for dummies, which were too bogged down with technical jargon, whereas with pauls instructions your playing almost instantly and learning what you need as you come to it, infact there wasn’t more than a few seconds the guitar was out of my hands! Also its worth noting that he says you can learn the important chords and strums in just 4 hours, while this is true, you most likley will have to take a break for your fingers to recover if you completly new like me.

pull-quote-darkLearn To Play Guitar, MikeR

Paul is a great guitar teacher. I have had many, from live to online. Paul is the best, his methods are easy to follow and his step-by-step approach is the best.

pull-quote-darkAmazing easy to understand teaching ability, jacob

i just want to urge you to understand this is well money spent, Paul is a fantastic teacher and can explain so many things in such an easy step by step way and if you get any problems he is always a quick email away with great answer. I’ve gone through many ways of learning the guitar and his method has by far taught me the most and has kept me playing the guitar for years. You wont regret this purchase I never have and nore has other people around me who I’ve advised to buy,its easy to understand, its step by step and has a bunch of really good songs that sound great for begginners!

pull-quote-darkThe Best Guitar Program On The Internet, James

I am a novice guitarist and have wanted to learn to play for over 20 years. After doing some intensive research via the internet I found guitar-in-a-nutshell. I am progressing faster than I ever believed. This book offers the perfect progression to learning all of the basic chords and the different strumming techniques. After purchasing this book I would suggest that you go to the guitar-in-a-nutshell website and purchase a subscription to the website.

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I am a novice guitar player and have found this to be an excellent tool and the best yet tried. Very easy to follow and an excellent progression.

pull-quote-darkEasy and quick way to learn to play, J. Crissman “jcnumber5″ (Raleigh, NC)

My wife bought me a guitar a year ago and I signed up to use Paul’s lessons to learn to play. I was immediately struck by how easy he makes it to learn very quickly and also the depth and breadth of the things he teaches. He has an easy, natural style that is pleasant to listen to and his techniques will have you playing songs very quickly. Paul’s lessons allowed me to create a guitar melody that has served as a springboard for bigger and better things for me – I am now composing classical music, with 5 videos on Youtube already, and plans for an album. Thanks Paul for your help. You’re a master teacher.


pull-quote-darkGreat for those wanting to learn guitar, jeharlan

Paul does a great job of helping you learn how to play the guitar while making it fun and not so complicated. If you think the book is good take a moment and check out his website as well. I promise you will love his style of teaching and you will learn faster then you ever thought possible!

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Great place to start your guitar playing. If you like the book then sign up for the web based lessons as well Good luck Steve

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Hello I am a 62 year old male,I have been trying to learn the guitar now for over 20 years.I picked certain things up then got frustrated many times because courses I bought did not fully explain in detail hence I packed it all in.I was on utube about three months ago and I came across Paul Perry.After watching several of his guitar videos I could sense this was a true teacher of the guitar.I once again invested in a decent guitar and bought the course Guitar In A Nutshell.The things I have learned so far is unbelievable,even the wife comes into my room and comments on my playing.Once again Paul thank you so much for giving me the pleasure of learning to play the guitar again.

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I appreciate this method of teaching – and even if you are not an English native speaker, it is easy to understand!

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I have been using Paul’s Guitar-in-a-Nutshell tutoring for about two months and I’m already playing songs I always wanted to play but never could.

After struggling with learning guitar, picking it up and then quitting 3 or 4 times over the last ten years, I finally found a system for learning that works.

The Fast Track book and Paul’s teaching techniques helped me start playing songs and practicing the right way, right away.

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I recommend this course for everyone, but especialy for those who have really struggled with learning guitar. I have spent over twenty years trying to learn guitar. Since it is so difficult for me, I got discouraged repeatedly. Paul’s method makes it simple to play songs with just a few chords. His method of teaching strumming patterms makes it possible to play a song that sounds like it should. Since I purchased this, I have purchased three other courses from him. Now, I have trouble deciding which one to practice each day. I have made more progress in the last four months than I had made since I started trying to play.

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Hi guys,

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending my online Tutor, Paul. I had been struggling with guitar for quite some time and had joined several online courses, but I sincerely feel that Paul’s course – Guitar-in-a-nutshell is far and away the best. He explains everything so simply that even dummies like me managed to pick up really fast and play quite well. I already have this book as well as the later two books, which he has given to all his students – Fast Track Developer and Fast Track – Finaliser and they are every guitar-playing girl’s best friends. So don’t think twice before buying this handy little book to get you off to a good start. All the best in your guitar playing.


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